Wednesday 26th February, 7.30am & 7.30pm
Ash Wednesday
Holy Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes

Sundays in Lent
Following the 10am Parish Eucharist, share in conversation and reflection on what it means to be The Church in Hammersmith.  What are the challenges and hurdles facing our mission?  How do we maintain and enliven our traditions and customs?  What does living a life of faith look like in this new decade?

March 1 – Music and Liturgy, Prayer and The Sacramental Life
Baptism and the Eucharist are at the heart of our Calling. How do we reach out to the unchurched through the Sacraments? How do we enrich our tradition of music and worship? What does commitment to worship look like in the 2020s? Do we Pray as we ought?

March 8 – Teaching and Preaching, Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ
Scriptural and theological literacy are necessary building blocks to the life of faith. How do we provide teaching and inspire Evangelism in the streets of our Parish? To what ministry of service are you called? How do we encourage a life-long faith and loving Discipleship?

March 15 – Fabric and Finance, Stewardship and God’s Gifts
Our church building tells a multi-generational story and offers an invitation to explore a tradition of faith. How do we harness the potential of our building without being overwhelmed by its scale and costs? How do we look after what God has given us and safeguard it for the future?

March 22 – Healing and Wholeness, Diversity and Justice
Our church family is inclusive and welcoming. So we say, but are we really?

March 29 – The Annual Parish Church Meeting
Our Annual Parish Church Meeting is the culmination of our Lenten discussions as we put our conversations into practice and focus our actions for the coming years.

Thursdays in Lent
10.30am following the 10am Holy Eucharist, discuss your Lenten Reading over coffee.

Thursday 19th March, 7.30pm
The Feast of St Joseph
Holy Eucharist followed by
In the Absence of Joseph: A Reflection on The Holy Family and The Way of the Cross.
We consider the dynamics of the Holy Family and the memory of St Joseph by reflecting on Scripture and the Stations of the Cross.

Wednesday 25th March, 7.30pm
The Feast of The Annunciation
Holy Eucharist followed by
Stories Around the Fire: Preparing for Resurrection.
We reflect on the Easter Vigil readings and meditate on John’s Afflick’s The Easter Vigil Cycle of seven paintings in our chancel.


Photography by Zoë Hornby-Walsh