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Holy Week at Home

CLICK HERE for our programme for Holy Week at Home.  

In Holy Week, time and space are distributed and stretched in an almost cinematic way. We start with the Entry into Jerusalem and the conflict at the Temple, but we return to Bethany before finding ourselves in the Upper Room, the Garden, the house of the High Priest, the Praetorium with Pilate, the streets of Jerusalem once again (the Via Dolorosa), the Foot of The Cross and finally the Tomb – yet all along the way we are firmly in the Kingdom of Heaven.

As we are not able to assemble in our usual way, we must reflect on the idea of Sacred Space and the Gathering of the People. We pray where we are and we connect with one another across time, joined by the Saints of every generation. There is no separation.

We will proclaim the joyful Easter Gospel: He is not here. He has been Raised!

Reflections for Holy Week

Click on the links below to download the days’ reflection.

Reflections for Holy Week from The Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James Piccadilly

Reflection video for Palm Sunday

Reflection for Monday in Holy Week

Reflection for Tuesday in Holy Week

Reflections for Wednesday in Holy Week
Orlande de Lassus: Psalmi Poenitentialis
Orlande de Lassus: Psalmi Davidis Pœnitentiales
Three Lamentations for Maundy Thursday: First Lamentation
Three Lamentations for Maundy Thursday: Second Lamentation
Three Lamentations for Maundy Thursday: Third Lamentation

Reflection for Maundy Thursday
Ubi Caritas – Ola Gjeilo
Ubi Caritas et Amor – Durufle
Thomas Tallis – If ye love me
Arvo Pärt, ‘Gloria’ (from ‘Missa Syllabica’)

Reflection for Good Friday
Stations of the Cross
Palestrina: Stabat Mater

Holy Saturday
Reflection for the Easter Vigil

Easter Sunday
Reflection for Easter Sunday
Piano music for Easter Sunday – Gary Peacock